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Cheneoak is proud to be able to offer staircase material using the same high-quality single-origin French Oak we use for our floorboards. This makes us one of the only suppliers in Sydney to be able to do so.

We believe that a staircase can and should be more than a functional fitting; it should bring beauty and elegance to an interior the way a piece of art does.  This is exactly what we help you achieve with our incredible French Oak.

Having installed a stunning French oak floor for your residence, it makes sense that your staircase continues the seamless story of your space into the next level.  That said, French Oak Staircases can also be installed independently.

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Strength and Hardiness

French Oak's reputation for its strength certainly makes it an impeccable staircase material. With the high foot traffic that stairs often endure, opting for French Oak will undoubtedly ensure you have the most durable material for long-lasting beauty.


We use only time-honored methods of milling our French Oak and we are selective and conscientious through every phase of production of our French Oak Staircases from storage through to installation on site.


Keeping a consistent look throughout your home ensures a cohesion which brings the design together. For that reason, installing a French Oak staircase to match your French Oak Floor is a great idea. What's more, we're one of the only French Oak suppliers in Sydney to be able to offer this.

For those who do not install French Oak flooring, French Oak staircases are still an option. A great way to install a show-stopping feature to your home.

design your perfect


When it comes to French Oak Staircases there are so many design options which can help take your interior to the next level, and our friendly design team can help make your dreams a reality.

Whatever the particular needs for your new French Oak staircase project, we’ve got you covered. We even work within your specific limitations.  Whether you want your staircase to stand out in your space or meld seamlessly into the background, there is an outstanding staircase design just waiting for you when you choose to design with Cheneoak. 

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