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Did I happen to mention that our Oak comes directly from France?! Burgundy, to be exact.⁠

Now, this region isn't just well-known for its Oak, it's known for its wine too! It's no coincidence that products from this part of the world are considered the finest in the world.⁠

But why exactly is that? Well, put simply, it all comes down to one thing: a commitment to quality.⁠

There are three major traits to expensive wine: oak, time and terroir. ⁠

Only 4 barrels can be made from a single oak tree. And since specific rules governing forests in France place strict guidelines on when trees can be cut down, the oak used in French Oak barrels is usually centuries old! So, the oak barrels themselves are more scarce and rare than their American Oak counterparts. ⁠

When it comes to time, the maturity of the oak barrels is not the only aspect that makes French wine the best in the world. Many French vineyards hold and store their wine for many years.⁠

Finally, the terroir (the soil and natural environment in which the wine is grown). As the terroir becomes more scarce and specific, wine from that region becomes more expensive as people are willing to pay more for a wine that has come from such exquisite conditions.⁠

So, why are we telling you about wine? Well, the concept holds true for our French Oak. The quality of our French Oak, the centuries over which it is grown, the time it takes to mill and dry and the terroir in which it grows make it a rare, high-quality and extremely sought after product that cannot be easily replicated⁠.

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