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Salvage Europe at Texas' Biggest Antiques Show

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Each year, the Spring Round Top Antiques Show takes place in multiple regions across Texas to showcase a range of antiques.

Due to COVID-19, the show could not take place last year, resulting in much disappointment. However, Round Top Antiques Show is back in action this year, much to the excitement of the treasure hunters searching for some amazing antiques!

All The Details You Need To Know

Kicking off on 18th March, the show works its way around the Texas countryside. Tents and halls are arranged to be jam-packed full of classic and timeless pieces that are sure to be crowd-pleasers. The show wraps up in its namesake, Round Top, on 4th April.

The show will stop-over in towns such as Burton and Carmine, but if you can’t get to these places, don’t worry, because there will be lots to see in Round Top.

Make Sure You Check Out Salvage Europe!

One company you must check out at the Antiques Show is our sister company, Salvage Europe. Renowned for their amazing supply of reclaimed and recycled French Oak, they’ll have lots on offer.

Salvage Europe prides itself on being able to source rare architectural finds and incredible antiques. In fact, Salvage Europe carefully inspect each and every piece for its beauty and quality. They take care to preserve its natural beauty and history when cleaning and restoring the pieces to be reused.

Make sure to catch them at the Round Top Antiques Show – you’re sure to be impressed and will most likely be leaving with your hands full of some quality products!

Get in quick, as the show wraps up on 4th April!

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