Why Wide Boards Rock!

At Cheneoak, our 220mm wide boards are our crowning glory. But why does the width of the board really matter?

Well, simply put, the width of the plank, the more beautiful the finish, in our opinion anyway! The unique nature of our wide boards means that we're able to offer a product that oozes luxury at every angle.

How We Achieve This Look

While you may not have considered the significance of the width of floorboards, wider boards are actually a rarity when it comes to solid timber flooring.

Think about it... wider boards mean that bigger trees are needed. And the bigger the tree, the older it is. Many suppliers can't wait centuries for their timber to be ready to mill. But we can!

In fact, the trees used for our boards are over 200 years old! So, not only can we provide a rare product, we provide one rich with history and charm too!

But, Don't Wide Boards Lead To Instability?

Well, yes and no! A question we often receive is 'will Cheneoak's wide boards cause problems with movement?' The simple answer is no!

With many hardwoods, wide boards can lead to such issues, but the extremely high tannin content (as a result of its age) in our Oak mitigates this problem.

Click here to get a sample of our Oak to see it for yourself.

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