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French Oak Flooring from Cheneoak is a product that we endorse for its timeless beauty, high quality and sustainability.  Our mission to deliver the results of time-honored old-world traditional oak cultivation to the Australian market is a matter of pride.

We are proud to offer genuine Single Origin French Oak, imported from France and milled in Australia. Our product even comes with a certificate of origin so we can guarantee quality and consistency, as well as giving you confidence that our timber has been sustainably and responsibly sourced from protected French Forests.

The quality of our product combined with expert millwork translates to flooring products that are optimal for easy installation and incredible results. Whether you're in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or anywhere in between, we can ship our wonderful product direct to you.

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French Oak Flooring has long been an extremely popular flooring medium in luxury homes in Australia and around the world. But if you still need a little convincing that it's the premium option, here are a few reasons you should consider French Oak Flooring for your next renovation project.


French Oak Is Hardwearing

Oak’s popularity lies in the fact that it is an especially hardwearing species wood, which makes it an excellent choice for flooring.  The density and consistency of wood grain is an important factor in choosing a wood for your floor.

Asthma and allergy-friendly

Timber flooring is renowned for its hypoallergenic properties. Our French Oak is no exception.

That’s because, the construction of the floorboards means that dust and other particles sit on the surface, not trapped in tiny crevices. All it takes is a quick sweep, mop, and vacuum to keep the surface fresh. As a result? Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.

Beautiful Appearance

The amber shade of French oak, in contrast to the tan or reddish color of American oak is especially sought-after as it is easier to match with your furnishings and does well with both cool & warm tones.


Single Origin. Consistent quality

Some companies use French Oak as a generic term to claim authenticity. When in actual fact, they’re actually selling European Oak, an inferior timber of unknown origins and questionable quality.


At Cheneoak, We keep our Australian warehouse fully stocked so you can access our boards quickly, your order is carefully selected from our supply of old growth, Single-Origin French Oak sourced exclusively from Burgundy, France. 

A Worthy Investment

An investment in our French Oak is an investment in long-term home resale value or simply in a long and satisfying relationship with your stunning oak floor.

Single-Origin Only

French origin guaranteed

It's not just "French Oak Flooring" you should be searching for if you're looking for an incredible product. If you're unfamiliar with the term 'single-origin', you should absolutely add it as a staple to your vocabulary when looking at your flooring options. Why? Well, here are just a few reasons.

Peace of Mind

Single-origin oak essentially guarantees the quality, consistency and overall beauty of the product you receive. At Chêneoak, we are confident in being able to claim that our Oak comes from Burgundy, from 200+ year old French Oak trees. 

We know the exact millwork techniques used and we work closely with a single mill to guarantee not only consistency of product, but also consistency of supply.

Charm and Character

Our timber comes from old-growth sources and is milled using traditional techniques, meaning choosing Chêneoak Oak is choosing to install a product rich in history, culture and natural charm cultivated over hundreds of years.

100% Organic and Sustainable

One of the most important aspects of our single-origin French Oak Floorboards is that they use 100% organic materials - just solid Oak and non-toxic hard wax oil finishes. We use no toxic glues or engineered products so our French Oak floorboards are the best choice for healthy homes. 

What's more, we are proud of the sustainability practices that our French mill employs to ensure the longevity of this industry and the protection of this wonder of nature.

design your perfect


There is a wide range of styles and looks that can be achieved with French Oak.  Choosing between six of our exclusive hard wax oil finishes gives you several luxurious tones to choose from, as the natural quality of oak accepts color treatment extremely well.  Choose from pre-finished or natural boards.

Although it is fairly standard to lay the boards perpendicular to the longest wall in the room or in relation to the dominant light source, we don't limit our clients in terms of their design ideas. Experimenting with the length or direction of the floorboards is a great way to accentuate the best features of your particular living space. 


We offer both standard laying patterns (with easy tongue-in-groove installation) and Cheneoak Chevron parquet flooring. Standard boards are milled at 220mm wide and 20mm thick, up to 2.5m in length. The Cheneoak single-origin French oak blocks are milled to produce a 35-degree angle in a 720 x 90 x 20mm contemporary look.


Our Chevron flooring consists of wood planks cut on a 35-degree angle and positioned in a V-shaped pattern and aligned for a perfectly straight axis, revealing the natural beauty of the wood.  We prefer the traditional look of 35 degrees since it makes rows a little wider than the 45-degree angle and accentuates the light/dark appearance of the rows too.


Because our oak flooring boards are milled locally in Australia, they are readily available for projects large and small.  We are dedicated to shipping your oak flooring boards to you quickly so you install your floor quickly.

We are committed to helping you install your new French oak floor with as little fuss as possible.  Our French Oak floorboards come either pre-finished or natural for you to finish in situ. 

Our standard boards come ready for easy tongue-in-groove installation. For more information on Chevron Parquet, please request a consultation. 

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