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Some Of Our Best Work

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French Oak Flooring parquetry project.


French Oak Flooring - reclaimed project


French Oak Cladding Project


French Oak Flooring parquetry project.


Old-Growth French Oak Flooring project.


Commercial French Oak Flooring, Ceiling and Cladding


French Oak Flooring project.


French Oak Flooring- antique parquetry project.


French Oak Flooring and Cladding project.

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from around australia


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oak flooring in sydney
Pre-finished or Natural

Our boards come either pre-finished with one of our specially developed hard wax oil finishes or natural for you to finish at home.

Style and Size

Our boards are wide (220mm) and up to 2.5m long so creating your perfect style is easy. Choose long or short boards.

Choice of Hard Wax Oil Finish

We have 6 specially developed hard wax oil finishes for you to choose from, ranging from light to dark to create the colour to suit you with protection that keeps your floor looking new.

Flooring, Stairs, Cladding and More

We don't just sell floors. Our French Oak is perfect for staircases, cladding and any timber project you have.

a zero colour hard wax finish

Our Naturelle hard wax oil finish is perfect for those looking for a beautiful, natural French Oak look in their homes. The Naturelle finish is not tinted providing a level of protection without altering the natural warmth of the French Oak itself.


a mid colour hard wax finish

Clay is one of our deeper finishes and works with the natural grain of the Oak to provide a deep, rich colour. The Clay finish works perfectly with light interiors and cabinetry.


a light colour hard wax finish

Our Blanc hard wax oil finish is a rather rare find indeed. Instead of deepening the colour of the grain, this option actually works to lighten it, highlighting the grain in an incredibly unique way. This colour is perfect for both light and dark interiors. 


a dark colour hard wax finish

Onyx is the darkest of our hard wax oil finishes. It brings out a beautiful opulent feel, creating a luxury finish in any home. This finish works incredibly well with a number of interior design styles. 


a light colour hard wax finish

Mineral is another one of our lighter finishes which works with the natural grain of our French Oak to subtly highlight its natural beauty. This style looks incredible in homes with a coastal or chic country vibe.


a mid colour hard wax finish

The Acier hard wax finish offers a nice balance between our darker and lighter shades. The unique tint of this hard wax oil makes it a real showstopper in any style of home.



everything you need to know
oak flooring in sydney
Genuine Single-Origin French Oak

Our French Oak is sourced from a specially selected region of Burgundy, France, so we can provide the Australian market with a superior product, guaranteed. 

100% Organic, Non-Toxic and Sustainable

We only use natural materials (just real solid oak), no toxic glues or engineered products so we can guarantee our floorboards are hypoallergenic, organic and sustainable.

french oak trees
Crafted from Centuries-Old Oak Trees

The forest we work with is protected by French law meaning trees are only allowed to be cultivated at a certain size and age. This works to our advantage too as we can provide rare wide boards with up to 2.5m in length, rich with history.

Lifetime Guarantee

We are so confident in quality of our oak that we back it with a lifetime guarantee.

a mid colour hard wax finish

The Sable hard wax finish offers a lovely, mid brown finish to our French Oak. Perfect if you're looking for just a hint of colour for your Oak.


Our Most Asked Questions

all about our products

Got more questions? 

Email us at, call us on 0498 555 016 or message us on our live chat now.

1. Can I visit the showroom?

Well, we operate a little differently to most flooring suppliers, so we don’t actually have a showroom.

One of the main reasons for this is that we don’t use engineered products, our floorboards are 100% natural. Essentially, that means we don’t have a large selection of pre-finished styles of board, with uniform grain and colour for you to choose from, because all of our projects start with one thing: our beautiful natural 220mm wide French Oak boards.

And while not having a wealth of products may not be the norm, it actually reflects everything we stand for. When you buy from us, you’re really only making one decision: to invest in the world’s most beautiful, luxurious and high-quality timber for your floors.

We do have six specially developed hard wax oil finishes, and we do create floors, matching skirting, walls and stair treads to suit your individual requirements, but at our heart, we are simply importers of the finest French Oak on the market.

Ideally, we’d love to take you to visit projects we’ve completed – not only to see our flooring but to talk to our incredibly happy customers too – but a flooring tour of Sydney may not be entirely practical.

Therefore, we have found that the best way for us to show you the quality and elegance of our oak (and how it will fit within your home) is three-fold:

  1. To allow you to physically feel the oak with your own hands and see it with your own eye, we send free samples to you on request. This sample pack includes our French Oak board with our 6 hard wax oil finishes (plus natural oak too).

  2. To answer all of your questions about our oak and the options when it comes to your own bespoke floor, we endeavour to provide a great deal of information our website, and our consultants are available via phone and email.

  3. To help inspire your decision-making and show you real examples of the level of quality, luxury and elegance we bring to each project, our virtual catalogue and our portfolio will show you our capabilities.

2. What is single-origin?


As you may expect, single-origin means that our oak comes from one place. Unlike many other timber companies, we work with one mill, and one mill only.

But why does it even matter?

Put simply, single-origin means that we know exactly what we’re going to get every single time. And more importantly, it means you do too.

It gives us peace of mind that the sawn boards we import from the Pierre family mill in Burgundy, France have been sustainably sourced the 200+ year old forests of the region. As a result, it gives us peace of mind that those boards are rich in character, charm and quality.

For you, single-origin means peace of mind that you will receive the finest floorboards on the market today. But more than that, you’ll get peace of mind that we as a company know exactly how to showcase this fine specimen in the very best ways.

We have worked with this timber for over a decade. We know exactly how to use it to create the perfect look to suit each client. Our expertise has meant that we have been able to develop 6 hard wax oil finishes that perfectly complement our oak too. Although each floor we create starts with the same thing (our beautiful French Oak boards), every floor is entirely unique, because our highly qualified design team work with each client to produce a final result exclusive to them.

3. What is the difference between real oak and engineered products?


When comparing the differences between engineered floorboards and real French Oak Floorboards, there are a few factors to consider, namely quality and overall look.

Engineered products are often mass produced in large overseas factories and can contain toxic glues and other non-allergy friendly products. While they may be advertised as ‘solid’, this can often mean a thin layer of the desire wood overtop a sheet of ply.

Natural products on the other hand, are made from 100% natural products; they are grown, not manufactured. In our case, our boards are 20mm thick French Oak. No thin oak overlay, no ply, just real timber.

When many people think about flooring, they likely think about engineered products. They want to visit a showroom, check out the board styles and have that replicated in their home. With engineered products, you can view a board in a showroom, and know the floorboards you receive will look exactly the same. And while that may be what some people want, engineered boards lack the natural charm, high quality and luxurious elegance which comes with natural boards.

While there is some degree of variation in every board you receive from us, because of how we source our timber, we can offer the highest level of consistency of any natural product on the market.

4. How quickly can I get my floor?


We like to allow a month, but we're able to rush orders if needed. The boards need to acclimatise on site for a week once you receive them if possible and especially if you're using underfloor heating or high humidity. Because our oak is old growth and genuine French the high tannin content ensures stability (Our French Oak is more stable than Australian hardwoods because of its age).

5. Where is your Oak imported from?


Our French Oak is imported from France. We have been working with the Pierre family mill for over a decade, and they’ve been running their mill for over 70 years.

John Pierre opened his mill in the 1950s and it has been a labour of love for his family for generations. Now, run by his granddaughter, the Pierre family mill is still passionate about providing the world with this luxury product while being mindful of cultivating and preserving their corner of the French countryside.

6. Do you install the product?


We don’t install the product but we do prepare it for easy installation. Our tongue in groove boards are easy to install by floor installers or builders. We provide installation guides which detail how to properly lay our flooring with the secret nailing technique.

7. What is the difference between natural and engineered products?


We class our boards as ‘semi-finished’, meaning that they are set up for installation (tongue in groove, bevelled edges) but they do not have any finishing product on top of them. You can either choose to keep the boards natural or use one of our specially developed hard wax oil finishes which are very easy to apply.

We are committed to quality and know that this method makes for the best overall finish. Pre-finished boards, especially engineered boards, have a layer of colour on the surface. Over time, these colours wear down and usually cannot be sanded and painted.


Our hard wax oil finishes soak into the board, draw out the natural grain and don’t fade easily, and applying them once the floor is laid leads to a beautiful consistent colour throughout.

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