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70 years of family passion


Located in east-central France lies the historic region of Burgundy. Famous for its UNESCO World Heritage status in recognition of the region's centuries-old history of viticulture and the remarkable diversity of its winegrowing terroir (land), as evident by the rolling plains of Pinot noir and Chardonnay vineyards, Burgundy is synonymous with history and elegance.


On top of this, the region is celebrated for an equally important –sustainable management of their beloved forests.

Here is where the longstanding partnership between Cheneoak and a local family sawmill began 10 years ago…

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a lesson in quality

France has a long and well-respected history of tree preservation and sustainability. In 1670, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, who served as the Minister of Finances under the rule of King Louis XIV, established the forests in Burgundy, France.

French forests have been cultivated since the 12th century and produce the best quality oak in the world. The rest of the world don’t cultivate oak they simply cut what is available.

Sourcing this single origin oak enables us to guarantee consistency and the quality of our milled products.

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Keeping over 250 years of forest preservation alive

To the locals of Burgundy and the French Oak lumber community, John Pierre is a household name.

Why? Because John and his family – in collaboration with other local mills and the NFO (National Forests Office) – have dedicated their lives to the ethical cultivation and preservation of 200+ year old French Oak logs. In fact, they’ve been doing it for over 70 years.

In the past, French Oak was carefully selected by highly skilled woodsmen. The timber was painstakingly cut down and milled by hand, then left to dry in a clean, cool, and shady place for several years – stacked on raised foundations, without exposure to artificial heat – until sold. Simply put, it was travail acharné! (Hard work!)

Today, the local sawmill is operated by John’s granddaughter, Laura. Yet, despite advancements in technology, some proven practices remain. For instance, the French Oak is both air dried and kiln dried then stored in a humidity-controlled warehouse until sold.


Some old habits never die.


commitment to  sustainability and excellence

Chêneoak has been a proud partner of the Pierre family mill for over 10 years.

During this short time, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing quality assurance like no other. The level of care and attention-to-detail that goes into the growth and preservation of these beautiful French logs is second-to-none.


As a result, this has enabled us to guarantee a consistently high-quality product, every time.


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