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At Chêneoak, we don't just provide French Oak flooring, we can provide cladding for walls, ceilings and other areas to match.

From residential feature walls to commercial fit outs, French Oak cladding offers a sophisticated, luxurious and beautiful design element, unparalleled across other interior decor options.

The French Oak cladding on offer at Cheneoak is something special.  Utilising the same world-class Single-Origin French Oak we built the Cheneoak brand upon, we guarantee that you receive the luxurious finish and quality you have come to expect from all of our wood products.  


For something that lifts you out of the ordinary and really gives a room that ‘je nais se quois’, incorporate a marvelous custom French Oak Cladded feature wall into your scheme or go all-out on a full room design for your next project.

oak walls
french oak walls



As many French Oak enthusiasts from designers to architects and homeowners know, there’s just something special about beautiful cladding. 


French Oak walls ooze luxury and sophistication in equal measure. 


Creating a room with a real statement feature that captivates without screaming for attention can be a challenge, but French Oak Cladding is one way to deliver flawless results every time. 

French Oak feature walls can completely transform the look and feel of a room. What's more, French Oak can practically be matched with any style of decor!

Limited Space Option

If you're working with small spaces, French Oak Cladding can add a touch of style without overpowering the space. 

Commercial and Residential

French Oak Cladding looks incredible in homes but it can really add something special to commercial spaces. From cafes and restaurants to spas and retail outlets, a beautiful interior crafted from French Oak can elevate your customers' impressions of your business.

design your perfect


We are specialists in designing incredible French Oak interiors to suit any space. From entire rooms to feature walls, we are not limited in what we can do. 

Drawing from designers’ exciting new takes on everything from American Shaker styles to the more minimalist Scandinavian and Japanese woodwork, there’s been an explosion in new looks over the last few years. And French Oak certainly hasn't been left behind. Rooms touched with French Oak cladding benefit from a wonderful touch of quintessential French flair.

With the option of six specially developed hard wax oil finishes, you can create the look and feel you're looking for.  Kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, cabinet sides, doors... we can literally use French Oak Cladding across any corner of your home or commercial space.


Installing your cladding is relatively straight-forward process, and our tongue-in-groove cladding boards are easy to fit.

In the process of wall and ceiling, your space will need to be prepared and battens fitted which the panels will be mounted upon.  The panels can be pre-finished before installation or installed unfinished for hard wax oil finish to be applied upon completion if desired.

Skirting and molding can be applied after the cladding.

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