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The French Oak Skirting offered by Cheneoak is some of the finest quality skirting you can find on the Sydney market.  Using the same high-quality French Oak that we use in our French Oak Floorboards, our French Oak skirting is unique in that many flooring companies cannot offer what we can.

Often, skirting is the last thing on many people’s minds when designing or renovating their homes.  The truth is that skirting is not the always seen as the hottest topic when a homeowner or designer is in the throes of the excitement of executing a new design directive. 

So what’s the deal?  Is skirting really necessary?

Well, the short answer is, it depends. But also, in our opinion, yes!


Skirting trim, also known as baseboards, are fairly standard in the industry for good reason.  While there are some examples of avant-garde contemporary interior designs that forego trim, in most cases, it is highly recommended that you install skirting along with your new floor.





Skirting protects your walls and floors from damage caused by the passage of people or pets through your home.  When cleaning your floors, skirting will keep marks from vacuum cleaners or mops from dirtying your surfaces, keeping your paint job pristine.  Skirting boards also cover any small gaps between your floor and your wall, giving a clean edge.



French Oak is renowned the world over for its great character and strength, lasting for centuries in some famed examples of old-world classic design.  Your French Oak skirting will last as long as your new French Oak floor. Designers also recommend that you install a skirting board with a similar density and texture to your floor to avoid the harder material from wearing away a softer material over time.



There’s a reason that French Oak is so prized for its looks.  There’s a depth of hue and tone that can only be found in oak.  French oak has been cultivated over the generations and grown specifically for the density of its woodgrain.  It is later milled and treated fastidiously to bring out the wood’s best characteristics.  Give your flooring and walls an effortlessly harmonious look by keeping them the same material and tone. 

A Matching Product

Creating a cohesive look throughout your home is an important element of interior design so choosing a flooring and skirting option that match is a great idea. We are proud to be one of the only French Oak flooring companies in Sydney to provide such an option.

design your perfect


Skirting can be dressed up or dressed down.  Cheneoak has a solution for your skirting needs, whether you prefer to go with something decorative or a minimalist option.  With your new floor in place, your skirting board choice can be selected to play up other features of your existing home design or provide the “base” for something fresh and new.

An important factor to consider with skirting is whether you prefer it to match the colour of your walls or your flooring. With French Oak, you generally would not want to paint it, since showing the wood's natural beauty is why you're choosing it in the first place, right? By keeping the same tone as your floor, your skirting will give your floor a clear boundary and your room a cozier feel. 


Skirting boards are easily fitted by a professional.


Cheneoak’s excellent quality skirting gives you great results and makes the process a smooth one.  We offer a product that is milled, stored and handled with care, so when it comes time to install you know that your skirting will be even, level and ready to beautifully complement your floor.

It is helpful to know that a small expansion gap should be left at the juncture between the floor and the skirting to allow for subtle and normal expansion of the wood after installation.

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