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Custom Oak Interiors

oak interiors custom-made for your space

We're passionate about creating incredible interiors for our clients and we know that often means custom-designing interiors to suit your style and space. From kitchens to bathrooms and everything in between, we are the experts in designing beautiful interiors with that wow-factor



From benchtops to custom-cabinetry, we can create your perfect kitchen.


Our French Oak is both hardwearing and beautiful meaning it is the ideal material to use in for a stunning, yet functional kitchen.

While our Oak matches exquisitely with any kitchen-style or colour you choose, we have a number of different hard wax finish options to allow you to elevate your space to the next level.


French Oak provides a beautiful, luxe feel wherever it is placed within a space, making it the perfect material to use in any room.

Start and end every day feeling the luxurious embrace of French Oak in your own personal sanctuary.

We can custom-build shelving to suit your style. 

French Oak Bed.png


French Oak is just dreamy which is why we absolutely love creating bedroom furniture using this exquisite timber. 

From bed frames to wardrobes and everything in between, we can build the bedroom of your dreams.

Tables & Furniture

If you're looking to invite just a little bit of French Oak into your home, or if you're looking to compliment your existing French Oak interior, you'll love our custom-built French Oak furniture.

From tables and tabletops to benches, stools and shelving, our furniture allows you to add a touch of class to your home.

french oak table

Oak Architecture

At Cheneoak, we don't believe in placing limitations on what we offer in terms of architecture. If it can be built with timber, we can make it with our incredible French Oak.

It starts with a simple free consultation to discuss your options. Click below to contact us.

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