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3 Reasons Solid Wood Flooring Is Environmentally Friendly

These days, when it comes to choosing products, no matter what they are, most of us want to know that we're making responsible purchasing decisions.

At Cheneoak, we pride ourselves on the sustainability of our operation which includes the responsible sourcing of our products. But in this article, we wanted to show you why buying solid timber flooring (over, say, engineered flooring), is the responsible choice.

Lowering Atmospheric Carbon

As you probably know, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the major contributing factors to climate change. By opting for a timber floor, you're actually doing your bit to remove carbon from the environment! That's right, up to half of the weight of wood is made up of carbon that has been absorbed by the tree as it grew.

A Natural Product

Whilst the tree-growing process itself helps to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, it's actually the subsequent manufacturing process which shows just how environmentally friendly this natural product is. Since the product is already essentially 'made' and the processing of it just means making it functional, the manufacturing of wood products usually have less impact on the environment than other synthetic or processed building materials, namely, engineered flooring.

A Sustainable Product

At Cheneoak, we regularly talk about the French Forest Management, rules and restrictions surrounding our Oak. It is these protections which make sure our product is sustainable. But if we look at the timber industry as a whole, much solid timber and the forests in which they are grown are governed by strict conservation practices. This side of the industry is much more regulated than the engineered wood industry, meaning that you can usually rest assured that a solid wood floor is the more environmentally friendly of the two.

So, if you're choosing between engineered and solid wood, this is yet another reason that 'real wood' prevails!

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