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Can I Install Hardwood Floors In The Bathroom?

If you're in the midst of renovation planning and you've settled on hardwood for your new flooring option, one question that you'll undoubtedly ask yourself is, "Can I install hardwood in my bathroom?"

Well, the simple answer is yes! But there are a number of things you need to know before you make your final decision.

But first, let's look at why you should install hardwood in your bathroom...

Advantages of Hardwood Flooring In Your Bathroom


If you've come this far in your renovation journey, you'll probably agree that the beauty and luxuriousness of hardwood can't easily be replicated. Incredible French Oak flooring against white fixtures and fittings or rich mahogany juxtaposed against luxe fittings can really look amazing!


The most popular flooring option for bathrooms is obviously tiles. But the biggest issue with tiles is that they can get quite cold underfoot, especially in the colder months. Unlike tiles, hardwood actually brings some warmth to the room, which is good considering the bathroom is the place you'll spend most of your time barefoot!


Hardwood is well-known for its longevity. Since it is a natural product, usually already many years old, this hard-wearing option gives you peace of mind that you won't have to replace it in a hurry. If properly maintained, hardwood should last at least 25 years and some suppliers even give you a lifetime guarantee (like Chêneoak).

Considerations When Installing Hardwood In Your Bathroom

Water on The Floor

It's no secret that hardwood and water don't really mix too well. From splashes from the sink and the bath on a daliy basis, your bathroom floor is prone to spills. If you want to install hardwood floors in your bathroom, you'll need to find ways to minimise the water that gets onto them. This can be easily done with clever bathroom layouts, screens and simply being mindful of not getting water on the floor.


Humidity is another nemesis of hardwood flooring. Your bathroom is the most humid place in your entire home so, for this reason, investing in a good ventilation system is a good idea.

That said, top-quality suppliers of hardwood flooring in Sydney (or anywhere in Australia really), ensure their timber is fit for the humidity of the Australian climate anyway with long periods of air drying and kiln drying.

Chemical Spills

It's not just water spills that you need to worry about when installing a hardwood floor in your bathroom. From cleaning products to beauty products, your bathroom is constantly exposed to harmful chemicals which can stain your hardwood.

If you apply the right finish, like a hard wax oil, and you exercise caution, this consideration is a minor one.


If your sub-floor hasn't been laid properly, it may be un-level causing water to pool in one area if it does spill. So, you must invest time in preparing your surface before you lay your floor so you get a perfectly level surface.

How To Prevent Damage To Your Hardwood Flooring in Your Bathroom

Clean up spills immediately

One of the easiest ways to prevent damage to your hardwood flooring in your bathroom is to clean up water immediately. While this might seem easy, you must be diligent about doing this every. single. time!


Strategically placed bathmats are a great idea to ensure areas prone to splashes and spills are protected. You must also ensure that your bath mat is hung to dry, otherwise the moisture from the mat itself can affect the floor.

Proper Maintenance

As with all hardwood floors, it's important that you maintain the floors in your bathroom well. With the right finish, your hardwood floor will be able to withstand some of the daily wear and tear but it's important you keep this layer of protection strong. With finishes like waxes and oils, you can spot-repair your floor in high traffic areas, such as in front of the sink.


While you might have your heart set on hardwood flooring in your bathroom, there might be another option which will allow you to achieve the look you want, without worrying about damaging your floor.

Hardwood cladding on your bathroom walls can create a beautiful look, with complementary floor tiles and fittings.

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