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French Oak solid wood Flooring in the kitchen

A common question asked is can I use French Oak solid wood flooring in the kitchen and what are the pros and cons. Often thought of as the ultimate flooring choice, French Oak is beautiful, durable and never goes out of style. Many homeowners desire to extend their wood floors from their living room, hallway or dining room to their kitchen space to provide consistency throughout. A major concern is the amount of damage and wear and tear a kitchen can have on their expensive flooring. However, with the right care solid French Oak can be a beautiful addition to the kitchen space. The kitchen shown above features beautiful Solid French Oak flooring.

French Oak solid wood Flooring in Kitchen Pros

French Oak solid wood flooring look beautiful, warm and inviting. It provides a seamless look especially between the kitchen and the other parts of the house.

Wood floors are easy to maintain by sweeping or vacuuming when they are dirty, and with an occasional application of wood cleaner to maintain its attractive appearance.

Wood floors are versatile and match with almost any kitchen style. You can change the look of the room by adding a new area rug or two to give it a whole new feel.

With proper maintenance, French Oak floors are durable and can be used for many years and still look amazing. French Oak is well regarded as a good investment because it helps in increasing the house’s value.

French Oak flooring is much better for allergy sufferers than those with carpet. This is especially true for pet owners and those affected by pet dander, hair and dust. Wood floors can be repaired if they get scratched by re-sanding and refinishing them so they regain their original look.

French Flooring in Kitchen Cons

It is susceptible to various kinds of damages from water, spills, scratches, and leaks. Solid French Oak is more expensive than engineered flooring.

Wood floors are susceptible to moisture fluctuations and require careful attention to maintain the floors beauty.

Wood floors can be cold in the winter months or for those who reside in colder climates. These types of floors can be noisy with increasing amounts of creaks as the flooring ages.

Pets such as dogs can trip and slip on trying to get traction on wood flooring

Tips for Choosing the Best French Oak Floors in the Kitchen

Dark woods tend to show wear and tear, pet hair and dirt more readily than lighter natural coloured floors. Glossy finishes can act like a magnifying glass for dust particles. We recommend using a hard wax oil to stop imperfections and dust from being so noticeable.

French Oak floors will deepen and darker in colour over time. When selecting a style remember it will get darker as you apply hard wax oil and through normal wear.

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