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Step it Up: French Oak Staircase Designs That Add Impact

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

With the move towards tiny houses and small-space living, the need to go up rather than out is definitely increasing. Thinking outside the square with French Oak wood flooring and matching staircase design, this option can not only save you space, it can add visual interest and a designer touch to your home.

Doubling up

So, we all know what a staircase looks like, right? Well, think again. While a traditional staircase consists of wide, flat treads, a staggered-step design such as the one seen here is a practical alternative in tight or infrequently used spaces. French Oak wood flooring and staircases will add amazing appeal to any project.

Know Your Stuff

It helps to know your step terminology before you start planning your staircase. While risers are the vertical part of a stair, treads are the flat part you step on. The rise is the height the staircase runs, nosing is the front edge of the tread, and stringers are the sides that support the treads and risers. If your staircase adjoins a wall, concealed stairs are possible; the stringer is hidden underneath the treads and risers, allowing them to butt right up to the plaster.

Stairs can be open or closed. Closed stairs have a solid riser, and you can’t see in through the staircase, while open stairs mean the risers, or part of the risers, do not exist.

There’s nothing worse than a rise that is too steep or a tread that is too shallow; as well as being annoying, it’s possibly illegal. Check out the Australian regulations for stairs.

But, of course, staircases don’t always need to fade into the background – they can be fun and functional just make sure you watch your step.

A stairway, staircase, stairwell, flight of stairs, or simply stairs, Chêneoak can supply our French Oak wood flooring and French Oak timber to build any staircase design.

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