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What is French Oak Flooring

We believe that the world's best sawn hardwood comes from oak that stood for centuries in French forests under legitimate stewardship. Selectively and carefully harvested.

Crafted from 200-year-old wood, natural golden genuine French oak floors are a rare and charming product. Think French wines, and the warmth of the sun and you have a wood that's been formed by Mother Nature.

Discover Single Origin French Oak floors crafted from sustainable harvested timber sourced from the wine region of Burgundy France.

Our French Oak Flooring is hypoallergenic, durable, easy to maintain and will add timeless style and a touch of elegance to any home, suitable to install over underfloor heating and will add value on resale.

Our Single Origin French Oak is prized for its tannin content, which reacts beautifully to custom colouring yielding colours that are sometimes not possible to acheive with other products. Bespoke finishes stains and surface treatments work with the character and tones of any design application.

Our French Oak is a tight grain pattern sawn in a centre-sawn fashion yielding planks with beautiful "cathedral" grain in the centre of each plank, and straight grain on the edges of the planks.

French Oak floors are our expertise 220 mm

wide planks are manufactured in Australia from PEFC certified old growth solid French Oak producing a simply stunning floorboard.

We have a large supply of timber in our milling facility in Brisbane and we mill our product range to order, this ensures a stable and accurate manufactured finish. No toxic glue or ply just real wood from Old Growth single origin French Oak. Our floorboards are designed with a tongue and groove milled in the middle of the solid boards micro beveled edge and relief channels on the underside.

Our boards are considered character boards close to ABC grade.

Salvage Europe products are the highest quality fine building materials, adding value to residential, commercial and retail projects that call for detail and distinction.

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