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How To Choose A Flooring Supplier

Choosing your flooring supplier can be as important as choosing your flooring itself. Most of the time, buying flooring is a significant purchase so you need to make sure you're doing everything you can to choose the right supplier.

This guide gives you 5 questions you must ask your flooring supplier before committing.

Where Do You Source Your Timber From?

Not all flooring suppliers source their timber from reputable places. It is important to ask your supplier where their timber comes from. If they are not specific or can't give you a straight answer, it might be an indication that you should look elsewhere.

One thing to really make sure you ask is whether you're getting engineered boards or solid timber boards. Technically, the timber in engineered boards can be from a great and reputable location but the manufactured parts may be sourced from cheaper locations. If you are getting solid boards, ask about the journey these boards take from their origin to you. Do they go through any off-shore manufacturing processes?

You can also ask for certificates of origin if you're concerned about whether or not the timber comes from the place you've been told.

Do You Offer Samples?

It's always a great idea to ask for samples. This way you can actually touch the timber before you commit to it. When you're working with natural products, it is important to understand that there may be some variation in the sample and the final product you receive.

BUT that's why it's important to also understand where the product is sourced from. If it is single-origin, there's more chance of the final product being more similar to your sample.

Can You Tell Me About The Process of Working Together?

Understanding the process from start to finish is important; every supplier might have a different process and it is important to find someone who can meet your needs as a customer.

Most people need a little help in terms of design planning, colour choosing and installation. If this is what you need, make sure you find someone who makes you feel like they're happy to walk you through each step.

Do You Offer Guarantees?

A lifetime guarantee is about as good as guarantees go (and it's what we offer at Cheneoak) but not all suppliers offer this. So, before you choose your supplier, ask about their guarantees as it may give you an insight into the quality of their product too.

Do You Have Example of Previous Works?

Working with a supplier with experience always gives you piece of mind, so don't feel uncomfortable asking to see examples of previous work. Not only will this give you inspiration as to how your flooring might look in your home, but it will also show you their experience, workmanship and quality.

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